Valuation of Antiques for Probate and Insurance Purposes

We can offer help and valuation advice and guidance for individuals with antiques or fine art collections to make sure their articles are properly insured for the correct and proper value, and expert advice for executors who are not quite sure how to proceed regarding a house or property contents valuation for probate or inheritance tax purposes.

We freely offer advice on how to undertake a proper contents valuation when winding up an estate.

If your solicitor is not sure how to proceed with the valuation please ask them to contact the Law Society practical advice service.

One very important tip is not to sell any of the items from the estate until  the contents are valued and the probate is settled otherwise it could be thought by HMRC that one is trying to hide certain items. 

We can also advise you after the probate valuation is undertaken where if you wish to get the best price for the items within the estate as we are completely unbiased with our valuation processes as we are not affiliated to any one auction house or dealer therefore we can advise you where to acquire the best price for your items.

We are fully approved to  HMRC standards and therefore we can offer guidance to avoid the pitfalls of tax a office investigation, to act as an expert witness, and to help you by informing you of the correct way to proceed.

Our services are often sought by auction houses, solicitors, and insurance companies. We are capable of valuing across the whole antique spectrum, from single antique pieces of a particularly valuable nature, to whole estates.

When we are valuing for probate or inheritance tax we will prove the value of the item as low as possible with a photographic hyperlink to a database, to prove its value. Conversely, when we are valuing for insurance replacement, we will do the same to prove the highest price in terms of replacement.

For insurance replacement purposes we can advise you how to maintain and secure your antique items in the case of a claim.

Malcolm Green has been restoring and valuing antiques for 40 years in the restoration and valuation business  wher he has gained a wealth of experience and professional contacts that allow him to accurately assess the value of any antique.

Recently inherited a family heirloom? Become executor of an estate? Curious about the value of a particularly fine piece of furniture or art? Contact Malcolm Green, or call on 07377473661  for reliable advice.